February 10, 2017


Achiiva® simplifies and strengthens the coaching relationship providing a set of universal tools that enable you to capture key coaching data, track progress, promote improved self-awareness and drive accountability.

Built for people that coach, manage or mentor, Achiiva provides instant messaging between coach and client powering up communications, providing a dedicated communication channel for all your coaching, and enabling powerful micro-coaching to be delivered.

Whilst your clients will share with you their coaching areas, both of you can also use all of the tools privately.

When information is shared, the coach and client see exactly the same thing. When changes are made (such as changing the date on a goal) the other person is immediately notified. This transparency promotes the coaches ability to support, drive motivation and achieve great outcomes together.

Achiiva has the look and feel of social media, however it has been created to respect the privacy between coach and client.

Privacy is a key ingredient for great coaching.